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  • The Australian Wine Research Institute Winemaking Calculators - An extensive set of calculators.
  • Convert - An excellent freeware program that performs all sorts of unit conversions.
  • FermSoft - Winemaking and brewing software, with downloadable acid and sulfite calculators, as well as several online calculators.
  • Grapestompers - Conversions, hydrometer corrections, alcohol content, and links to other calculators.
  • Lee's Brewery - Intended for beer but does some of the same conversions and calculations that are used in winemaking.  Requires Java plug-in support.
  • The Meadery - Measurement conversions, hydrometer correction, alcohol content, and more.
  • MeadMakr Advanced Nutrient Calculator - Built to provide visitors with a tailorable nutrient protocol.
  • OpenFermenter Wine Maker's Calculator - SO2 calculator, Brix SG calculator, TA calculator, and Pearson calculator.  Requires Flash.
  • VinoCalc - "A set of calculators for the modern winemaker."
  • VinoEnology.com - A useful collection of online calculators.
  • WineAdds - "How to make the additions that can make the difference in your wine."
  • WineCalc - A freeware wine calculator that performs many of the same types of calculations that FermCalc does.
  • WineMaker Magazine Sulfite Calculator - "A simple yet very useful tool to quickly calculate the amount of sulfite needed to adequately protect a wine."

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