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There is a version of FermCalc for virtually every operating system and every device.  Read the descriptions linked below to find out which version will best suit your needs. All versions have identical functionality and mathematics.

  • Java App – The Java version of FermCalc is designed for offline use on desktops, notebooks, and tablets running Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • JavaScript App – The JavaScript app (FermCalcJS) runs as a web page in your browser.  It is designed mainly for mobile devices, but will run on any operating system in any modern browser.
  • Mobile App – FermCalc for mobile devices is available in the Google Play, Apple, and Amazon app stores.

What happened to the online Java applet version?  I’ve discontinued this version because many modern browsers no longer support the Java plug-in.  It has been effectively replaced by the JavaScript version for online use.  For offline use, download and install the Java app, or save the JavaScript app page (FermCalcJS.html) to your device and run it offline.