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FermCalc Winemaking Calculator

What is FermCalc?

FermCalc is a collection of advanced winemaking calculators designed to assist both amateur and professional winemakers with the following types of calculations:

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Running FermCalc

There are three options for running FermCalc:

  1. A Java app that can can be downloaded and run on your computer.
  2. An online JavaScript app that runs as a web page in your browser.
  3. A mobile app available in the Google Play, Apple, and Amazon app stores.
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All versions include identical functionality and mathematics.

To run the Java calculator, you’ll need to install the Java Runtime Environment.  You can download and install it by clicking on the Java button below.

Java - Get It Now!

By using FermCalc, you agree to the all of the terms of the FermCalc License Agreement and the FermCalc Privacy Policy.

Making a Calculation

To get started, go to the Settings menu to set your preferred unit system and default temperatures.

To perform a calculation with any of the calculators, follow these three general steps:

  1. Select options – Select the appropriate options from the available radio-button lists or drop-down lists.
  2. Select units – Make any desired changes to the unit selections for each of the input and output fields. When the unit selections are changed, the values in the field are changed to reflect the new unit selection.
  3. Enter values – Enter the required values in the input fields.

Calculated values will appear in the output fields when the necessary input data are provided.  Errors will be flagged with a red error message down below the calculator.  Negative values will generally be ignored (assumed to be zero) except for certain specific gravity, temperature, and refractivity units.