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Miscellaneous Calculators

Calculator Descriptions

FermCalc includes five calculators that are related to making miscellaneous additions to must and wine:

  1. Dry Weight/Volume Converter – The Dry Weight/Volume Converter converts between dry weight (mass) and dry volume for a number of common winemaking additives.  This calculator is intended mainly for home winemakers who don’t have accurate scales, and instead add ingredients on the basis of dry volumes (teaspoons, mL, etc.).
  2. Stock Solution Formulation – The Stock Solution Formulation Calculator determines the amount of an additive required to yield a stock solution with a given volume and concentration.
  3. Inverse Stock Solution Makeup – The Inverse Stock Solution Makeup Calculator determines the amount of an additive required to yield a stock solution such that a specific volume of the solution will result in a desired increase in concentration of the additive in a specific volume of wine.
  4. Miscellaneous Additions – The Miscellaneous Additions Calculator determines the amount of an additive to add to a wine to yield a desired concentration in the wine, given the initial concentration of the additive and volume of the wine. The additive can either be in the form of a solid (powder or crystals) or a liquid (stock solution).
  5. Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) – The Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) Calculator determines the yeast nutrient additions required to supply the desired YAN level in a must.  The total YAN requirement is calculated based on the nitrogen requirements of the selected yeast strain and on the initial SG of the must.  The required masses of the selected nutrients are then calculated based on their nitrogen contents.  The additions can be scheduled in stages, with up to three nutrients added in up to four stages.

Calculation details for each of the calculators are described in detail on the individual calculator pages linked above.