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Hackbarth SG Calculator


The Hackbarth SG Calculator utilizes the Hackbarth model to estimate SG from given values of alcohol content and sugar content.  Its purpose is mainly to test and validate the Hackbarth calculation in FermCalc, but it is also useful in the preparation of fortified wines and liqueurs.

Input Field Definitions

Alcohol Content – Alcohol content of the solution.  Range: 0% to 100% vol/vol.

Sugar Content – Sugar content of the solution.  Range: 0% to 100% by wt.

Output Field Definitions

Calculated SG – The calculated specific gravity (20°C/20°C) of the solution.

Calculation Details

Specific gravity is calculated using the Hackbarth model for calculating the specific gravity of ethanol-sucrose solutions.  The model has a temperature basis of 20°C (68°F).

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