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The settings panel allows you to set your default unit system, specific gravity (SG) units, and temperatures.  It also allows you to reset all of the input values and units to their default values, and to adjust the font size if necessary.

Input Field Definitions

Unit System – The default unit system for all of the volume, mass, and temperature fields, with a few exceptions.  Exceptions include titration volumes in the acid calculators (since most burettes and syringes are metric), and concentrations in the miscellaneous additions calculators.  Select from English (US), English (UK), or Metric.

Hydrometer SG Units – The default SG units for the sugar, alcohol content, and fortification calculators.

Acidity Units – The default acidity units for the acid titration, acidification & deacidification, and amelioration calculators.

Default Temperature – The default SG reading temperature for the alcohol content calculators.  Range: 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F)

Default Calibration Temperature – The default hydrometer calibration temperature for the alcohol content calculators.  Range: 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F)

Font Size (Mobile app only) – The font size for all of the calculators.  The initial font size is set so the calculators fill the width of the screen (up to a maximum font size of 24px).

Color Scheme – Select from the list of available schemes.

Auto-Select Contents of Input Fields – If checked, when the user clicks or taps on an input field, all the contents of that field will be automatically selected.  This option is enabled by default.  The auto-select feature can cause freeze-ups with the JavaScript app on some iOS devices, and disabling it is recommended if freeze-ups occur.  In this case, the user can double-click or double-tap in the input fields to select all the contents.

Button Definitions

Reset Default Values – Resets all input values to their original default values

Reset Default Units – Resets all of the unit selection dropdown boxes to their default selections for the unit system selected above.

Reset Size (Mobile app only) – Resets the font size to the automatically determined size that fills the width of the screen.